In January 2016 my mother passed away, after returning to work a few weeks later I was let go by my client on a very large project (so much for "oh, take care of family first"). I went into a real depression, gained 30lbs, didn't want to leave the sofa. As I searched for something to watch on TV I came across the Wahlburgers show and noticed Mark wearing TICDA shirts. Not knowing what that was I looked it up! After reading other testimonials and feeling some motivation for once I bought a couple of shirts. I've since returned to work for other clients and started loosing weight. I wear the TICDA shirts every weekend! I decided to do the things I've always wanted to do - one of those is getting my pilots license! Today (May 1, 2016) I logged my first hours as Pilot in Command! Here's a picture of me wearing my shirt along side the airplane I flew (Cessna 172SP)! Thanks for helping me realize I really am something special! Patricia Flaherty -
While at a local gym, one week before my 43rd Birthday, I suffered Cardiac arrest. A bystander gave me immediate CPR for 11 minutes then first responders used a defibrillator for about 10 to 15 minutes more. I was sent to Penn-Presby Hospital in Phila. They performed a procedure called Hypothermia resuscitation. I was in a coma for one week and woke up on my 43rd birthday. I then went to Bryn Mawr Re-Hab for a week and back to work in less than eight months. My “event” has a less than 5% survival rate and an even lower rate to be back to “normal” (still not sure what that is)! Going through what I've been through then..... and now, I firmly believe and identify with TICDA. Whether they know it or not, all of the first responders should too. Because on that day they truly lived “Today I Can Do Anything”, they saved my life. I have a 16 year old son and we both have embraced TICDA, it has has improved both our lives.- Anthony Radico Anthony Radico -
Today I ordered two tee shirts. One for me and one for my 13 year old grandson who is receiving chemo as I type. Smart kid with lots to give. He understands completely what he is going through and as is said today, handling it like a boss. I believe in the power of a strong mind, body, heart and soul in moving through something like cancer.....he will do well. I love the spirit and bold suggestion of "Today, I can, do anything", and what to share this with Jacob as he moves through treatment and all the side effects therein. I also believe in NEVER giving up on anything.....give it your all, fight the good fight, see it through. The outcome will amaze you and those around you. Thanks Mark and all your family for all the good you do through your different talents. Keep on. Joan Zimmermann, Jaks Gram. Joan A Zimmermann -
Today I celebrate the second anniversary of my successful bone marrow transplant. I was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) Cancer in 2013. Fortunately for me, my only brother was my bone marrow match and donor. I wear my TICDA shirt and wrist band with pride as it embodies how if feel every day. I never gave up and never will in this fight. I CAN DO ANYTHING! Kevin -
My husband was involved in a bad accident on Thanksgiving Day 2015. As I was preparing to serve our dinner, I receive the phone call nobody is prepared for. It was the Chaplain asking me to please rush to the hospital as Tony had suffered severe injuries and was in the Trauma unit. Our son was on military duty with the U.S. Navy and there was no way he would make it in time. Our daughters were devastated, not to mention that our oldest daughter was expecting twin girls. In the midst of the chaos, God granted Tony a second chance at life despite suffering a degloved scalp, brain injuries, severe spinal injuries, bruised lungs and broken ribs. As he faced a new chapter to his life and his career as a Truck Driver came to an unexpected halt, Tony maintained a positive attitude and embraced his challenges to recovery. He's been through Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy and Major spinal surgery on 1/25th. As he is very limited to body movement and functions, he's a big fan of your show. We have set it to record so that he doesn't miss an episode, because he finds your show motivating. As a result, he wakes up everyday and tells me "Doreen?, Today I Can Do Anything". Losing both my parents to Cancer and sister to Aids, I've experienced pain, fight to survive and will to live. Today, I see my husband's determination to live and how your show inspires him to find inner strength to face life knowing he can do anything. Thank you, I have to admit that your show is amazing! Your mom is blessed to have such amazing boys. I didn't have pictures on hand to upload. If requested, I'd gladly provide a picture. I have reached out to your local Franchise company in Orlando, FL to celebrate his birthday on April 25th. Doreen Torres for Anthony Torres -
I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago, April 2nd 2006 at a routine doctors visit. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. The body breaks down the sugars and starches you eat into a simple sugar called glucose, which it uses for energy. Insulin is a hormone that the body needs to get glucose from the bloodstream into the cells of the body. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even young children can learn to manage their condition and live long, healthy lives, but everyday is a battle to stay alive. Sine we do not produce insulin on our own, we must give ourselves multiple injections a day via a syringe or an insulin pump 24/7/365 to stay alive. Everyday is a battle and I will not let it define me as a person or slow me down from doing what I love. I am now raising awareness and helping my fellow type 1 diabetics, their families and support staff on a global level and use your motto everyday to remind myself that NOTHING is impossible! Its truly an amazing slogan and mission you guys have, absolutely love it, keep up the fantastic work! TICDA! Chris -
On December 9 2010 at 6 am I died as a passenger in my work truck at 25 years old. I was in the hospital 5 months. I have metal femurs, tibulas and fibulas. I have 54 screws in my face. The frontal lobe of my brian is dead. My olfactory nerve broke(can't smell) My pituitary gland broke off inside my body so I produce no hormones. My ears ring 24/7 so I have hearing aids that play static so I can deal with it. I have budge and herniated disc in my back. I lost 61lbs of muscle. I have proved EVERY doctor wrong!! I am now married with a 1 week old baby girl and self employed! To God be the glory!! TICDA!!! Today I will live my life as if none of this ever happened to me! We love Wahlburgers!! They are such an inspiration of what the American Dream really is!! Keith Mackmer -
In May of 1990, while serving overseas in the United States Air Force, I was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor known as an acoustic neuroma. At the age of 24, I underwent surgery to remove this tumor, not knowing that it would impact my life. After surgery, I was left with no hearing in my right ear and numerous battles with life-threatening bouts of meningitis. After approximately 6 months of recovery, I temporarily returned to active duty until receiving an honorable discharge in February of 1991. Faced with the challenges of my disability, I successfully continued to serve my country with the Department of Justice. I have raised two beautiful children who inspire me to be the best that I can be today and every day. I don't take anything for granted and realize how fragile life is. I encourage everyone to live their life to the fullest and conquer every obstacle life throws at you. Joe -
TICDA, How appropriate. I am a 4 time cancer survivor. I have had multiple surgeries and multiple radiation and chemo treatments! No matter what I am going through I always keep a smile on face. My family always comments on my smile and they can't believe how positive I remain. I must keep moving forward and take on anything that comes my way. Not only for me but for my family, this has been hard on all of us, This slogan has meant SO MUCH to me, I truly think these words everyday. Thank you, for this Mark... It means more than you know. God Bless You and your family. Kelly M -
In the last several months I was diagnosed with Smouldering Multiple myeloma. Normally they don't see this in people my age. This will be my second journey with cancer and 2nd time with a blood cancer. It is what it is. We live life on life's terms. As long as we release it. We have to live in the moment. Yesterday is gone, tommorrow is never promised and all we have is today. Next Tuesday April 5 I will officially begin my war and "TOKAY I CAN DO ANYTHING" I PUT MY MIND TO!!! ♡♡♡ Susan Reed -
In the last several months I was diagnosed with Smouldering Multiple myeloma. Normally they don't see this in people my age. This will be my second journey with cancer and 2nd time with a blood cancer. It is what it is. We live life on life's terms. As long as we release it. We have to live in the moment. Yesterday is gone, tommorrow is never promised and all we have is today. Next Tuesday April 5 I will officially begin my war and "TOKAY I CAN DO ANYTHING" I PUT MY MIND TO!!! ♡♡♡ Susan Reed -
As I sat watching Wahlburgers I kept noticing the TICDA t-shirts. After researching what it stood for I really touched my heart. I'm 42 married with 2 teenage children. 5 weeks ago ninjas to fly 1500 miles away to the Mayo Clinic to have open heart surgery done. This was my 2nd in 5 years. My emotional spirit and physical ability is like I'm an 80 year old. I cry all day. I truly do not feel well. Silently beg God to help. I don't know that anyone understands what I am going through. So, TICDA shirts is a reminder to help motivate ME and tell MYSELF I CAN do this. My medical story is truly incredible and would help others but I have no clue on where to begin. Maybe this shirt can motivate me to get healthier and find a writer!! Tammy Hodges -
I am a CT State Trooper. I've been on the job for 18 1/2 years. I was born with a congenital defect to my hands. The military wouldn't accept me because they didn't think I would be able to shoot. I guess I proved them wrong. I thought the military would have been a first step to becoming a fire fighter or State Trooper "Statie", I kept at it and reached my goal. Patrick Dragon -
In 2006 I had a nervous breakdown. I was in a very stressful and mostly emotionally abusive marriage. Our son was 15 months old son when I cracked. I was alone most of the time in a very small 4 room apt. I wasn't even allowed to go to the mall. My husband at the time said I would spend money unecessariily. Both of my parents worked full time. It was so tough. I used to get yelled at for not having everything perfect when he got home :( I remember once he said why did you junk you could sit down and watch a tv show while he napped if things weren't done in the house. This is the same guy who when he found out I was pregnant shortly after we were married he told me I better not become one of those fat pregnant people. So you have an idea as to what kind of person he was. Anyway the constant relationship stress along with learning how to be the best new mom ever just cracked me. I was hospitalized for 11 days and out on meds. Apparently I had untreated postpartum depression along with depression caused by environmental factors around me. Things never got better after that because you can't change someone. Once the emotional stress was being put on my son who at 4 years old threw something at his dad and ran over to me and said mommy I threw that at daddy to make him stop yelling at you. I knew I had to be the person that loves the motto "today I can do anything". I got a lawyer field for a divorce and today I am happier than ever. I made a choice for a better life for myself and my son and I remarried a person I call an angel sent from God!! He treats me like a princess and makes me feel so loved!! Now we have yours, mine and ours. I am loving life and am truly blessed because I took the step forward and believed that day was the today I could do anything!! Denise Pimentel -
My husband and are in the thick of IVF. This is our second cycle. It can be hard to remain positive so we are always looking for those little reminders to keep us headed toward our goal of having a family. I'm hoping that as I'm taking 32 pills a day, sticking myself with various size needles and visiting the doctor every 5 minutes, that we will be able to remain in high spirits. #TICDA Kelly -
I have been a Nanny with the same family for 15 years. I love the children as if they are my own. The Mother told me on Valentin's a Day weekend she wouldn't need a nanny anymore as she wasn't going to return to the workforce. That entire weekend I felt sad and lost! This weekend we turned on The Wahlburgers. I'm adopting the TICDA attitude and actually feeling excited to see what comes into my life! Thx W family for inspiring me! Pamela Pack -
I just thought my husband would you be into it too… But we both just wish you the best… Kierra -
A few days ago I was running the Froyo 5k. I never would of thought that I would have gotten first place in my age group. Whenever I thought of stopping I always told myself today I can do anything. #FirstPlace #TICDA Alec Demkiw -
A few days ago I was running the Froyo 5k. I never would of thought that I would have gotten first place in my age group. Whenever I thought of stopping I always told myself today I can do anything. #FirstPlace #TICDA Alec Demkiw -
I suffer from social anxiety and PTSD. After watching Wahlburgers I kept seeing these TICDA shirts everyone was wearing so I researched it and saw what it was about. What a great message to put out. From this point in time I will live my life by this motto "Today I can do anything" Erica Gowin -
To make sure I better my life for my family. To remind myself I only have one life to live and to live it to the fullest potential I have. Sherry Harris -
To make the rest of my life. The best of my life. Matt Hayes -
Recently in recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and self harm! Life right now seems better than ever and I have so much inspiration and faith to live my life to the fullest - not just surviving like I used to. Life is beautiful and I want to experience every moment with every bit of emotion, heart, faith and determination possible! So many people to live for, so many things to experience, and so many people to make proud! Sophie Gould -
I take this challenge to help all the students I work with to be successful! By supporting the TICDA motto.. I plan to inspire elementary students to believe in themselves.. to be the best they can be,, to be kind to others.. and to know that everyday,, is a day that is a gift,, that is worthy of working hard and making difference in their own lives along with other lives.. Katherine Hermsen -
My kids never got to meet their grand fathers due to them both doing from heart attacks. The bizarre thing is that they both were athletes but had our health due to stress and hereditary illness. I want to be the best Dad and never let them go through the pain of losing a parent. I am a personal trainer now after playing competitive rugby and help quite a few disabled clients to rehab. I what to be the best there is by the time I am 40. Maso Bowles -
Today I can do anything motivates me everyday. With TICDA I know that I can become anything I set my mind too. I am motivated to live my dreams to the fullest. Why is the sky the limit when there's an entire galaxy past it. Kevvin -
I am from the Boston area and struggled with addiction to Heroin and other drugs for 15 years. I have been to 15 rehabs, multiple arrests and hospital stays. I finally, 6 years ago, gave my life over to God. In the last 6 years, I have shared my story in front of over 20,000+ people. I do it because I know that there is hope. The world needs hope. Just for today, I can do anything. God Bless! Danny -
I am a single guy that just got dumped by my fiancée.It left me in a state of depression until I found out about TICDA. The TICDA brand gave me hope & now I am better off in all life adventures Andy Mata -
I was a popular kid in high school excelling at basketball, baseball, track and cross-country. I got a full scholarship for basketball and baseball. I was a two sport athlete and never realized how good I had it. I had a awesome family that caref and loved me. Everything was great as I was doing what I loved. I left college after three years to go home and just go to school and work. I attended the university of Louisville with hopes of becoming a school teacher. After about 2-3 months there I ran into a friend that I had played basketball with earlier on and he was playing for Louisville. He talked me into coming and playing with the team in some open gyms. So I loved to play basketball and always had dreams of the NBA. After a couple days of playing I was approached by coach Eve's. An assistant coach for Louisville. He asked if I would be willing to come to a team practice that started in about a month. Well I thought what do I got to loose as I always dreamed of playing for a major division one program and who else would be better than Louisville. They had a pretty good coach at the time by the name of Denny crum. A hall of fame coach with 2 NCAA national championships to his credit. So I hit the weight room and worked out 3 times a day for 3-4 hours. Handling a full academic load and all that training was pretty tough. So the first day of practice came and as I walked in the locker room amongst all those elite athletes and big names, Marcus maybin, Nate Johnson, Deon Edwards, Tobiah hopper, Troy Williams, Reese gains , Cameron murry I was living my dream about how I had always pictured it. But what I didn't know was those guys did not like a new guy coming in and trying to play with them. That week of tryouts for me was, well pretty rough. 14 stitches in my chin from a elbow, 7 stitches above my eye from being shoved to the floor. Bruised ribs from a punch that magically no one else saw. A concussion and just 4 stitches below my eye for what one unamed player said I deserved. So I know what you are thinking, there is no way. It sounded like I was in the ufc octagon. I felt like it. They hated me being there and I wanted to quit so many times. But I had always been a tough kid and stubborn and never had I quit anything and I talked myself out of it every night as I sat in the tub of ice. But one thing I did notice was, we were having practice 2-3 times a day, was that the players were starting to talk a little to me a see that they could beat the heck out of me but I was going to get right back up and go twice as hard. The coaching staff, managers and trainers were also starting to see I was going to do what I had to do. So the week went on and I had my moments were I shot the ball really well and played as if those guys could not believe a 6'1" 195 lb white kid could play some basketball. To me besides getting the hell beat out of me, it was something I had always done and worked for. So Friday came and coach crum blew the whistle and as many times before, bring it in guys. "Good practice, see you all 6:00 in the morning". Well I walked away and over to the sidelines I went and sat down. You see it was Friday and my week of tryouts was over. As I sat there, I remember what my dad and mom use to tell me. " as long as you played your hardest and gave it your all and left everything out on the floor, than you had nothing to be ashamed of. Win or loose. That is how I have always been with sports and life. Thank you mom and dad. I had unlaced my shoes and was heading to the locker room to shower and head home. Coach Eve's said Chad, hellnof a week. Padded me on the back and off he went. He had told me if coach crum doesn't say anything to me that well I wasn't going to be on the team. He had not said a word all week. The only time he even made eye contact with me was when he said who are you. Lol. So in the locker room after I showered I sat there lights barely on just me and Marcus in the room. As he walked by he bumped me and said, just wanted to hit you one last time. Than he said, and I will always appreciate it, you are one bad ass whiteboy. I laughed and he said you deserve to be here no matter what happens. I said thanks and away he went. I felt good but I just knew I should of put more time in or maybe I should of been more talkative. But I thought I did what I always thought I could do, to compete with elite athletes at an elite university. Just than I heard the locker room door open and coach Davenport walked in and to be honest we didn't like each other. He looked at me like I had no business being here and I could tell he just flat out didn't like me. He said coach crum wants you in his office now. Okay I replied. Thanks coach. Than he stopped and said just what I thought "to be honest I didn't think you deserved a chance to even be out there with those guys. I wanted to punch him so hard, but I said nothing. Than he said but, with a long hesitation, even I can be proven wrong. Not very often he said but I wanted to let you know whatever coach decides you are a hell of a player. Than off he went. I thought that all the coaches surly knew what coach crum wanted. But as I walked to his office I kept thinking a hall of fame coach, that coached under john wooden. I just knew he was going to say you played hard but you just aren't at this level. To be honest I knew I belonged there but I didn't want no sugar coating. Well here I was, come in Chad. I walked in sat down vand he started. When coach Eve's brought you in here I just thought you was going to be scared of the players here. But I see you was not scared. you need to work on your ball handling, and etc... He told me this and that and said I reminded him of this player he coached at UCLA. Well I was astounded at the comments and thankful, but I just wanted to hear a yes or no. Than as if he was reading my mind he said yes. I said sir, yes for what. Yes I want you on my team. He said if he had a scholarship for me he would give me a full ride. I was blown away and so excited. He said he wanted to meet my parents and told me things I dreamed I would hear a coach of his caliber say. Well you know how the rest goes. I made the team as a walk-on and earned the friendships of the individuals on the team. We are still friends today, and I owe alot to the opportunity coach crum gave me cause it opened doors and still till this day does. So I didn't go on to start or to the NBA, but I did get a free education and made life long friends. And I owe that all to because I was taught at a early age,"Today I can do anything. God bless Chad -
I was a heroin addict and opiate addict for years. I also sold drugs. I was abused physically and sexually throughout my life. My ex husband beat me severely. I ended up getting caught selling drugs and ended up on felony probation. During this time I left my husband and was with a friend of mine and we started dating. I ended up finding him dead of an overdose with me in his arms still while we were in bed sleeping. I ended up going to prison right after that for 2 years as an indirect cause of that situation. While in prison I got into as many different programs as I could Celebrate Recovery, A.A., N.A. Creative Writing, I got my G.E.D. The START program for Hospitality good through any American Hotel Lodging and Industry, as well as Food Tech. Then I participated in a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment inside of the prison itself which I was in for 9 months. 3 months pretreatment and 6 months intensive treatment. I am now out on parole. I am doing great . I have been sober for 2 years and almost 4 months. I have been out since July 14th 2015. Since then I have started online schooling to be an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have finished 3 courses. with a 94 % average. My Dad has stage 3 B lung cancer that I didn't find out about until I got out of prison and I am dealing well with that. Out of everyone I have been the only one by his side through all of his treatments without returning back to drug use. Today I feel like There is nothing that I can't do. Except go back to using drugs that is....Other than that for me now I believe the skies the limit. So many people doubted me all my life and put me down and I never wanted to try to better myself and now I am doing it for me. I am not thinking about what everyone else wants or thinks. I know what I want. And that's to be a better me. Today I am doing just that. Kimberly Hammond -
Young mother lover of poetry and martial arts. Want to own a business of some sorts one day. Brandi Post -
i like horse like horse backriding want to be a equine vet when i grow up and is up to anying thing Quintya -
I always believed I could do anything I set my mind to but I love believing that TODAY I can do anything. And now I am motivated to live long! George -
mother wife vegan homeschooler of 2 usa kim hinson -
I’m the CEO of Expo-zure, a creative film & digital media start-up in Vegas. The TICDA Life Long Challenge couldn’t come at a more appropriate time for me. It’s a reminder that every day is a new start. LLC shifted my point of view on how longevity with vitality allows for limitless success of any business. Once the enigma of death seeps into your consciousness, the gift of life and the unexpected duration of it propels any leader to cultivate more life in their team. Thanks to the LLC, I’m now competing with myself rather than the rest of the rats in life’s race. Ryan 37 -
Creeative Agency owner wanting to live life to it's fullest michael -
Wife and mother who recently uprooted to move 1900 miles away from family and friends to start fresh with my husband. Between the 2 of us, we have 4 children who in one way or another refuse to be responsible for their choices in their lives. After countless rehabs, counseling attempts and support in every way we could think of, it was time for us to leave and let them figure it out. Hopefully. We will see. Marcy Davis -
I got very motivated after I found out about this challenge, I have never heard of anything like this. I take this challenge and I will change my life starting today. Thank you TICDA, I am going to get my whole family involved. Gus Age 53 -
I can do anything! I am a fit, strong, healthy mother of 4. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I lift weights. I practice meditation everyday and I live and love my life. I am truly blessed in all ways! I have always aimed to live to 125 with an option to extend when I get there. Haha xxx Geraldine -
Today I Can Do Anything is the most inspiring quote I have ever read. It motivates me to do better in life and I take the challenge today with TICDA to live Long! Roger -
At 3 years of age my kids already know that "Today they can do anything!" Thank you TICDA for being so inspiring and motivating to me and my family. I take the challenge to live a long and healthy life, I want to experience every second that life gives me by the side of my husband and children. Yazzy -
I challenged my friend Hal Kravitz who is the CEO of Aquahydrate that I will outlive him, waiting for him to take me up on it. I am going to break the record of 116 years old Ziad Batal -
TICDA is an inspiration every day! Dahni -