Mark Wahlberg at work with the TICDA Team.

(TICDA) "Today I Can Do Anything” is a U.S motivational and inspirational apparel line. Wearing TICDA engages you to think positively and motivates you to excel.

TICDA constantly reminds you that you can do anything; it has become a positive movement that has grown with incredible life changing stories from people who have adopted the slogan in their everyday lives.

Our vision at TICDA is simple: to remind people just how incredible they really are.

We’re a species unlike any other and can literally achieve anything we put our minds to. Great achievers like Mark Wahlberg (Our Partner) wake up everyday with a belief that Today they Can Do Anything. TICDA’s philosophy is the same: every person on earth, if they put their minds to it and truly believe, can climb the highest mountains and live the life that they want to live - because it's there in front of you, you just have to reach out and take it. Our mountain logo was created by the connection we share with the highest peak in the world.



Be part of the movement; inspire yourself and everyone around you!

Today I Can Do Anything