Ticda Fitness by Shannon

Happy New Week of Workouts!!

Here is your breakdown.
20 Traveling Chair/Wide Squat Jumps
20 Defense Plank Kicks
20 Long Jump Hop Back Star Jumps
20 DownDog Frogger Pushups

15 Traveling Chair/Wide Squat Jumps
15 Defense Plank Kicks
15 Long Jump Hop Back Star Jumps
15 DownDog Frogger Pushups

10 Traveling Chair/Wide Squat Jumps
10 Defense Plank Kicks
10 Long Jump Hop Back Star Jumps
10 DownDog Frogger Pushups

Advanced: If you're feeling crazy do this in a 20/18/16/14/12/10 format.

Take breaks when needed, sip your water, put on a good playlist and fight!

Be proud of every rep! You've got this!

Let's crush it!!

Ticda Nutrition by Jeni

1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp unsweetened natural cocoa
1 tbsp espresso beans
1 tsp pure chocolate extract
1/2 pure organic coconut palm syrup
1/2 a small/med banana
1 tbsp pure egg white protein powder (unflavored)